The Use of Hybrid Seeds Turns Fortunes Around-S4C

Amir Yazid on his watermelon Farm

Amir Yazid is a 27 years old farmer from Yansarki Village in the Wudil Local Government Area, Kano State. He grows pepper, tomato, hibiscus and watermelon.

Although farming for over 3 years on his inherited farmland, Amir faced  the major challenge of pests and diseases causing huge lose to his harvests.

On attending the S4C K2K Training Academy in June 2020, Amir was able to host a successful watermelon Demo in the same year as a S4C Model Farmer. According to Amir,“Üsing hybrid seeds with it high resistance to pests and diseases was a game changer for me. I didnt loose any of my harvests as in the past, which is a huge advantage for me. Learning and working with S4C agronomist on my farm, has broadend my technical knowledge on wet and dry season farming and how to effectively eradicate pests and diseases on the farm”.

Amir made impressive profits from his harvested crops and urges farmers in Kano  and it environs to adapt to the improved methods of farming from S4C and watch their income bloom!

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