Training of Trainers

S4C Super Trainer Program: Training of Trainers

From March 2019 until the end of 2021, the Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and the S4C program will capacitate and establish a team of 25 Super Trainers (staff of 5 pre-selected local partner knowledge institutes) in Vegetable Cultivation Practices and a knowledge base (modules, strategy and methodology) to support horticultural sector development in north Nigeria (Kano), especially for smallholder farmers to improve their productivity and livelihood.

The training program will highlight

  • Quality seeds & variety choice
  • Seedling raising & improved nursery systems
  • Soil, water, fertilizers
  • Pest & diseases
  • Responsible pesticide use
  • Management, market access, cost price and post-harvest

Farmer extension training on setting up a demo field and how to organize farmer field events by Seeing is Believing.

Farmers need accountable knowledge, information and recommendations in addition to improved technologies such as high-quality seeds. SEVIA (Seeds of Expertise for the Vegetable Sector of Afrika) has developed the concept of Seeing is believing. This training course in close cooperation with the Dutch Seed Sector has developed several e-learning modules for sector professionals in the vegetable industry.

You are invited to look at the website of Sevia

For e-learning please check:

For more information, please click on this link for an extract of the program in PDF or send an e-mail to

Training Videos

The Seeds4Change-programme has produced a number of instruction videos. They are made by our colleague Kabir Ademoh in Nigeria, and concentrates on different subjects, including the introducing hybrid seeds and improved farming techniques in Kano, Nigeria. The videos aim to provide Nigerian (smallholder) farmers with information about improved seeds and biological crop protection. In addition, a series of powerpoints from various trainings will be uploaded. Both will add to the transfer of knowledge and (virtual) farmer-to-farmer learning.

Watch the video about making a nursery here. 

Watch the video about soil preparation and transplanting here.

Training PowerPoints

Since 2019, S4C has trained farmers on improved cultivation practices and the use of hybrid seeds and biological crop protection. For an insight into the training material developed by the S4C companies and S4C team, please click on the powerpoints on the right. They contain information on various S4C horticultural training subjects, such as sustainable water use, land preparation and good agricultural practices. For more information, please contact the S4C/ NABC team. 

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